How to write 5-figure web design proposals without pricing yourself out of the market.
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What Is This?

DoubleStack Proposals is a done-with-you program for web designers who want:

  1. Awesome results for their clients
  2. Upfront and recurring revenue for themselves
  3. To stop undervaluing their work 

I'll show you how to write high-ticket proposals. Then we'll write one together.

Who Am I?

I'm Lee Blue. Having spent over 18 years running my own web design business I founded DoubleStack where I personally mentor a select group of web designers and show them how to build their own 6-figure businesses by developing a portfolio of five-figure clients.

For more information about DoubleStack, check out the video interviews with some of the DoubleStackers and discover the shifts they made to transform their businesses and their lives. Also, take a quick look at our Five Figure Family board to get a quick feel for the results people are getting.

How It Works

While the complete DoubleStack program is a comprehensive, 8-week live mentoring program, DoubleStack Proposals focuses exclusively on creating and pitching high-ticket web design proposals.

In other words, this is a stand-alone module about proposals from the DoubleStack program. This is for web designers who might not be ready for the complete DoubleStack mentoring program but would like help raising their prices and generating recurring revenue.

In this program, you will get the exact proposal system we use in DoubleStack to win loads of Five Figure clients. Collectively, we've used this exact system literally to win millions of dollars contracts.

There are seven components to the proposal and you'll get an in-depth understanding of all seven components in this course.

What's Included?

This is an in-depth done with you program that focuses exclusively on writing high-ticket, recurring revenue web design proposals.

You get lifetime access to the member's area which includes:

  • Our battle-tested, five-figure proposal system
  • How to communicate each part of your offer
  • Identifying and qualifying high-ticket clients
  • How to structure your monthly retainers
  • Setting expectations through price anchoring
  • Value pricing and structuring pricing curves
  • The "One Meeting Close" technique
  • A fully fleshed out high-ticket proposal example

And, I'll personally work live with you (through our email help desk - not private 1:1 calls) to write your first proposal with you to make sure everything is making sense and you don't get stuck on anything.

I'll Write One With You

It's easy to see that this system works for a lot of people, but will it work for you?

The truth is, it's actually pretty hard to write and pitch a high-ticket offer, especially the first time. You'll have technical questions like what services to include. You'll have pricing questions about how much to charge as well as when and how to collect payments. The biggest challenge for some people is the mindset aspect because you might be charging 5x to 10x more than you currently charge.

In my experience, it's almost impossible to overcome all of that by yourself even if you've got all the information you need right in front of you. This program is not about information. It's about transformation.

You're not just going to learn what goes into a high-ticket offer. You're going to internalize the entire system because you and I are going to write one together.

Download the example proposal. Go through each training module so you know what to put in each section. Then write the first draft and submit it to me through our help desk. I'll personally provide feedback by helping you decide what to offer, what your pricing options should be, and how to structure an ongoing retainer with your client.

What's NOT Included

This program exclusively focuses on high-ticket proposals. This program does NOT include any content on:

  • Marketing and finding clients
  • Implementing or using any marketing tools
  • Building your own SaaS marketing platform
  • What to say on your website
  • Developing landing pages that convert
  • etc.

These are all topics we cover in-depth in DoubleStack.

If you want to work together on those things you're welcome to schedule a 1:1 call with me to talk about that.


Anyone who can build a professional looking website can greatly benefit from this program. I use WordPress but that is by no means a requirement. You're welcome to use any tech stack or platform you prefer (Webflow, Duda, etc.)

To get my personal help, your proposal needs to meet the following requirements.

  • The proposal must use the format I teach in this program
  • The client must be Business to Consumer or Business to (small) Business. (no government contracts, no large business to business projects, no adult-only content, and no non-profits)
  • The client needs to be able to support a gross annual income of at least $100,000 (otherwise they don't need a high-ticket marketing solution).
  • The intent of the project must be to drive measurable business results for the client including a recurring revenue marketing plan. (no one-and-done websites or branding only projects)


To put this in perspective, the average annual price point for these proposals is about $15,000 - $20,000.

The offer usually includes an initial setup cost (branding, web design, etc.) of $3,000 - $7,000 and a monthly retainer that includes hosting, maintenance, and a basic marketing package for around $1,000/month.

If paid traffic is included in the project, any ad spend is in addition to (not included in) these prices.

You'll Probably Get Stretched

When you and I are working together on your offer, I may suggest including marketing services you don't know how to deliver or don't yet feel comfortable including in your proposal. If that happens you can:

  • Outsource those services to someone
  • Exclude those services and only offer what you're comfortable with
  • Build a timeline into your proposal that allows you to stage the delivery of those services so you can develop the skills before needing to apply them to the project.

Let's Do This Together

This course is currently full. 

Please contact me if you would like to be added to the waiting list.


High-Ticket Offers is a stand-alone module of the DoubleStack Program.